Stopping the Front Door Kick-in

Stopping the Front Door Kick-in

Break-ins happen everyday in Toronto; one of the most common methods for a break and enter is having your door kicked-in.

The Front Door Kick-in

Most subdivision residential doors incorporate two sheets of 22 gauge steel crimped onto a softwood sub frame. This softwood, – usually pine or spruce, will split when the area around the lock is kicked inward. This splitting allows a standard deadbolt to fold out of position and fail, enabling the door to fly open. Even with a well reinforced door system the same technique can cause an inadequate frame to split.

The Best Solution

Bolster the door with either an edge guard product that wraps around the bolt area of the door edge, or even better. Add a product that wraps completely around the door edge and under the deadbolt lock. This approach adheres and confines the metal surfaces of the door and reduces clearance for the bolt to bend or fold out of position in the event of a break-in attempt. Reinforcement for door frames that help strengthen against kick-ins include heavier plates that fasten using longer screws anchoring the plate to thicker      2”x 4” sub frames. Frames with windows or sidelights beside them can often be upgraded using floor to ceiling frame plates that can be installed using multiple screws. This spreads the strength of the frame vertically, significantly enhancing stopping power of conventional frames.

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