Finding a Legitimate Locksmith in Toronto

The search engines are packed with scammer locksmiths. Here are some tips for finding a credible locksmith in Toronto and protecting yourself being scammed or taken advantage of.

  • Ask friends, relatives, business associates for referrals.
  • Check old directories for listings to weigh a company’s longevity in the market.
  • Look for companies with bricks and mortar, ie a showroom / shop local location
  • Ask for an HST number, association numbers, insurance policies, or any form that might protect you as the consumer
  • Ask for testimonials or references
  • Always verify addresses to assure they are real – Use Google street view
  • Be cautious of dispatchers who become evasive when asked about pricing, trip charges, etc…

ASAP is 100% locally owned and operated, we’ve been providing trustworthy service and advice to the Toronto area since 1985. If you’re looking for an honest Locksmith in Toronto give us a call 416-223-6667

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