Is the weather stripping on your door doing more harm than good?

In Toronto we face a wide range of weather conditions. Weather stripping is a seal between the door and frame that is designed to keep inside air in, saving money on heating in the winter and cooling in the summer. If you live in house or a condominium chances are you have weather stripping on your door. If it isn’t installed properly you could encounter some of these problems.

Your door may be over weather stripped if

-The door no longer aligns with strike plate(s) on the frame.

-The door isn’t latching or bolting correctly.

-The door is hingebound, requires extra force to close the last 5% or so to latch point.


  1. For doors that close well but don’t reach the strike point, simply remove strike plate, fill screw holes with wood, tooth picks are good. Then, re-mortise frame (if necessary) and reinstall plate to better accommodate latch or bolt in a new position.
  2. Same as A. and may require movement of strike plate either vertically or horizontally
  3. Doors that are hingebound are the most serious of over weather stripping problems and should be looked after by a good technician. The practice of forcing the door to it’s latch point puts excessive pressure on hinges, the door’s mortise points, and latching components. This will eventually lead to mechanical break downs that will lead to lock out conditions. Remove weather stripping and reinstall for a more relaxed fit.

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