Security Checklists for Home & Commercial

Security Checklists for Home & Commercial

Get a better understanding of how your Home or Business security stacks up by asking these important questions:

Home Security Checklist

  1. Have you re-keyed or changed your locks since moving in?
  2. Do you have deadbolt locks on exterior doors?
  3. Are all windows properly secured?
  4. Are entrance ways well illuminated with motion sensitive lights?
  5. Do you need a fire or burglar-proof safe?
  6. Does your home have a monitored alarm system?

Commercial / Business Security Checklist

  1. Does your building have a Master Key System?
  2. Have the locks been changed in the last 5 years?
  3. Do you have high security locks with key control for authorized duplication only?
  4. Is your master key system properly maintained with a biting chart of linearly progressed numbers?
  5. Are these charts correctly labeled, indexed and stored?
  6. Do all interior fire doors and exit doors meet local building and fire codes?
  7. Do you need electronic access or monitoring of entrances?
  8. Is door hardware catalogued on a schedule and in proper working order?
    This includes hardware such
    as hinges, pins, panic bars, doors, closers, locks, strikes and more.

ASAP Emergency Lock Service can conduct a security audit at your home or business. Please call us
at 416 223-8667 to arrange your security audit.