Pushbutton Locks / Keyless Entry

Pushbutton locks are locks that use a combination of buttons to open them instead of keys. These locks have many advantages as well as a few disadvantages. The fact that they allow access without the need for keys can be very convenient. For instance you may have your handy man coming over during the day while you’re at work, but you don’t want to provide him a key that could be copied and used for accessing your home at a later date. With the keyless entry lock you have the option of giving him the code to your lock. This code can then be entered by him and later changed by your self, eliminating the worry of a burglary later on. Another scenario, you’ve had your gym bag stolen from the gym and your keys were inside. You now have the pushbutton lock to rely on for gaining immediate access to your home. Pushbutton locks are also great for children and teenagers, they’re easy to use and you don’t have the risk of frequently lost keys. But remember, children are often very trusting so make sure they know the importance of keeping your combination secret.

People are often skeptical about the security or reliability of these locks as they are more mechanically involved. This should not be a deterrent from using them.

The unican 7000 residential model has been in use for more than two decades and is designed in Canada to withstand all types of weather conditions. These locks have definitely proven their reliability in the market and can be trusted. Another point to make is the pushbutton lock will most likely not be the only entrance, and most modern pushbutton locks also include a key override feature. The unican offers completely mechanical devices that require no batteries, good for religious compliance on Sabbath. The battery operated style pushbutton locks now include models that can be activated by remote control, which are good for elderly people with limited mobility.

Another practical application for these types of locks is on swimming pool enclosures. When you’re in your swim suit and trying to enjoy your self on a hot summer day the last thing you want is to do is keep track of keys. Not to mention keeping the pool enclosure secure from the neighborhood children, this is in some municipalities, now law.

If you have a situation that is best suited with a pushbutton lock, stop by our Toronto Locksmith shop on Yonge Street. We offer a wide selection of these products and can definitely guide you in the right direction.

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