High Security Locks

High security locks have various distinct features. They provide pick and drill resistance, restricted/authorized-only duplication, and over all key control. High security lock systems employ one or more features to obtain these goals. Drill resistance can be obtained by having hardened steel strategically positioned at certain points in the key cylinder, making it virtually impossible to drill out. Pick resistance on the other hand can be provided many different ways. For example, Mul-T-Lock uses telescopic pins, interior and exterior, along with an interactive driver pin built into the cylinder plug. This makes it extremely difficult and in some cases impossible to target individual pins with a pick. Other high security key systems like ASSA and Schlage Primus have unique patterns milled out of the side of their key blanks that interact with corresponding “finger pins”. These finger pins, in turn, align and allow a side bar to drop out of the way and allow the cylinder to turn. This style requires anyone trying to pick the lock to manipulate the finger pins into the exact position necessary to work the side bar at the same time as they pick the top cylinder springs. This as well is virtually impossible, unless a modified key blank with the correct milling can be used as a tension wrench (this is not easy to obtain as the key blanks are proprietary). All these above mentioned characteristics -side milling, interactive pins, etc…- combine to create a key system where duplication is restricted, keys are proprietary and supplied only by particular locksmiths to original purchasers.

Key control systems provide peace of mind for business providers and home owners who can now distribute keys to subordinates with the satisfaction of knowing that those keys cannot be duplicated. High security duplicate keys can be catalogued by stamping a sequence number on each key and cross referring the numbers to individual key holders. This will reduce the possibility of key swapping amongst key holders. ASAP offers quite a few options when it comes to high security. We have Schlage Primus, Mul-T-Lock, and both V10 and twin ASSA. Feel free to come down to our Toronto Locksmith Shop on Yonge Street and check out our selection.

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