The Door Guardian

The great Canadian solution for privacy barricading internal or external doors that swing in. Door barricade devices come in many shapes and sizes and replace the need to place the back of a chair under existing door handles to prohibit door from being pushed inward. “The door guardian” is mounted on the inside edge of a door frame and requires clearance to swing a full 90º allowing the door to open when the device I not in use. Dementia patients living at homes in the community pose a great challenge for caregivers, not the least of which is the danger of roaming away from the home. Striking the correct balance of egress device restraints on existing doors is unique to each situation. Here are some helpful suggestions. When the door guardian is deployed it will swing 90º into position and a spring loaded feature renders it locked, prohibiting the door from swinging in. Unlocking “the door guardian” requires a deliberate pulling motion toward the hinge side of the door surface. This feature escapes most children and dementia patients making this a great choice for passively preventing them from unauthorized exit. The use of this device would require a separate key entrance to prevent children and dementia patients form inadvertently locking out caregivers. Overall the “door guardian” is a great option for these instances and is available for purchase at our Yonge Street locksmith shop in Toronto.

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