Fraudulent Locksmiths!

Fraudulent Locksmiths!

There’s a new Internet scam affecting the locksmith industry. Here is the judgment proof business model they employ.

  1. Set up shop in an offshore jurisdiction
  2. Lure non-citizens with the promise of citizenship, and training in a lucrative skilled trade.
  3. Employ black hat strategies to co-opt search engines
  4. Engage in comprehensive marketing, including sponsored link advertising
  5. Engage in bait and switch pricing by advertising a low price service call that will be back loaded with extra charges and fees on arrival by a transient “technician” who is paid on a commission only basis.

These under skilled, under trained technicians find themselves induced to kick up dollars to continue to receive future work from their unscrupulous bosses. This business model allows these offshore entities to overpopulate the trade at no expense to their organization.

These organizations are most likely NOT

  • Insured
  • Paying taxes
  • Reporting income
  • Providing their workers with WSIB coverage
  • Honouring any warranties